How To Pick Up A Rabbit Without Scaring It? Mastering Gentle Handling.

How to Pick Up a Rabbit Without Scaring It?

Understanding Rabbit Behavior

Rabbits are delicate and sensitive creatures, easily frightened by sudden movements or loud noises. In order to pick up a rabbit without scaring it, it’s important to understand their behavior and create a calm and comfortable environment.

How to pick up rabbits

Approaching the Rabbit

Approaching a rabbit slowly and gently is key to gaining its trust and minimizing fear. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth interaction:

1. Create a quiet environment

Rabbits are prey animals and are naturally on high alert. Make sure the surroundings are calm and quiet before attempting to pick up a rabbit. This will help them feel secure and reduce the chances of them getting scared.

2. Get down to their level

Rabbits feel more comfortable when you approach them at their eye level. Kneel down or sit on the ground to avoid appearing intimidating. This will also make it easier for you to reach them.

3. Offer treats and gentle strokes

Before attempting to pick up a rabbit, try to gain their trust by offering a favorite treat or gently stroking their head. This will help them associate you with positive experiences and increase their confidence around you.

Picking Up Techniques

Once the rabbit is comfortable with your presence, you can use the following techniques to pick them up without scaring them:

1. The Scoop Technique

This technique involves gently scooping the rabbit up with your hands, providing support to its entire body. Follow these steps:

  • Approach the rabbit slowly and confidently.
  • Place one hand under the rabbit’s chest, with your thumb on one side and fingers on the other.
  • Support the rabbit’s hindquarters with your other hand, holding them securely.
  • Lift the rabbit smoothly and bring them close to your chest, allowing them to rest against you.

2. The Bunny Burrito

If your rabbit is more anxious or resistant to being picked up, the bunny burrito technique can be used to provide a sense of security. Follow these steps:

  • Prepare a soft blanket or towel.
  • Approach the rabbit calmly and gently wrap them in the blanket, leaving their head exposed.
  • Hold the rabbit close to your chest, ensuring they feel secure and supported.
  • Keep a firm grip on the bundle and lift them with care.


1. Can I pick up a rabbit by its ears?

No, never pick up a rabbit by its ears. This can cause severe pain, injury, and even permanent damage. Always use proper handling techniques focusing on supporting their body.

2. How do I know if a rabbit is comfortable being picked up?

When a rabbit is comfortable being picked up, they will relax in your arms and may even start purring. Signs of discomfort include struggling, kicking, or trying to escape.

3. Can I pick up a rabbit from above?

It’s best to avoid picking up a rabbit from above as it can mimic predatory behavior and trigger fear and stress. Approach them at their level and use gentle techniques for picking them up.

4. How can I help my rabbit become more comfortable with being picked up?

Building trust is crucial for a rabbit to feel comfortable being picked up. Spend time bonding with your rabbit through gentle petting, offering treats, and creating a safe and calm environment. Gradually introduce the picking-up process using the techniques mentioned.

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