How Big Was Harvey The Rabbit? Unveiling His True Size

How Big Was Harvey The Rabbit?

Harvey the Rabbit is a famous fictional character that gained popularity through the play and subsequent movie adaptation titled Harvey. Created by Mary Chase, Harvey is described as a six-foot-tall rabbit who can only be seen by a man named Elwood P. Dowd. This article aims to explore the physical dimensions of Harvey and unravel the mystery behind his size.

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The Height of Harvey

One of the most intriguing aspects of Harvey is his impressive height. Standing six feet tall, Harvey towers over most individuals, making him an unusual and captivating character. His size is a significant part of his allure, adding to the whimsical and fantastical nature of the story.

It is worth noting that Harvey’s height is not consistent throughout the various adaptations of the play and movie. As with any fictional character, different interpretations and productions may depict Harvey’s size slightly differently. However, the general consensus is that Harvey is indeed a six-foot-tall rabbit.

Unraveling the Mystery

The question of how Harvey grew to be so large remains unanswered. Despite being an imaginary character, his size poses an interesting enigma. While the play and movie do not explicitly explain Harvey’s origin or how he became such a giant rabbit, one can speculate on a few possibilities:

  • Supernatural Powers: It is conceivable that Harvey possesses some form of supernatural powers that allow him to manipulate his size at will. This would explain why only Elwood can see him and why his stature is so extraordinary.
  • Symbolic Representation: Harvey’s size may be symbolic of the larger-than-life impact he has on the characters in the story. His towering presence could represent the power of imagination, friendship, or the ability to see beyond societal norms.
  • Miraculous Transformation: Another theory is that Harvey was once a regular-sized rabbit who underwent a miraculous transformation, allowing him to grow to his extraordinary height. This transformation could have occurred due to a magical event or a wish come true.


1. Is Harvey an actual rabbit?

No, Harvey is a fictional character created by Mary Chase. He is depicted as a six-foot-tall rabbit in the play and movie adaptation.

2. Why can only Elwood see Harvey?

The play and movie suggest that Elwood’s gentle and kind-hearted nature enables him to see Harvey. It is implied that Elwood’s open-mindedness allows him to perceive the magical rabbit.

3. Are there different interpretations of Harvey’s size?

Yes, while the general consensus is that Harvey is a six-foot-tall rabbit, different productions may present his size slightly differently. However, the towering stature remains a consistent attribute.

4. How does Harvey’s size contribute to the story?

Harvey’s size adds to the whimsical and fantastical nature of the story. It serves as a visual representation of Elwood’s unique perspective and the power of imagination.

In conclusion, Harvey the Rabbit is widely known for his impressive height, standing at six feet tall. While the exact explanation for his size remains a mystery, various theories suggest supernatural powers, symbolic representation, or a miraculous transformation. Regardless of the reasons behind his stature, Harvey’s larger-than-life presence captivates audiences and adds to the enchantment of the story.

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